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Copyright / Intellectual Property

We do not allow any material that infringes someone else’s intellectual property ('IP') rights. We respect the rights of others, and we expect you to do the same.

General rules

As a user, you are responsible for the content you post.

Creators should only upload content that they have made or that they're authorized to use. That means they should not upload content they didn't make, or use Intellectual Property ('IP') in their content that someone else owns the rights to, without necessary authorizations.

Claim & Takedown

The simplest way to have unauthorized copies of IP removed is by manually submitting a copyright notification through our webform. This tool is best for most users. Register first. Email method is also available.


Any user material that infringes an other user’s rights will be removed. The account will be suspended or terminated for repeat rights infringements.

Digital fingerprinting


This Site digitally fingerprints your content and block future unauthorized attempts to upload it. If a match between a reference file and a new upload is made, a “claim” is made. We block it.